Welcome to Top Heavy Headbands! Custom designed by Kirsten and Natalie, these headbands are created to bring out your fabulous side! If you want to wear one to stand out or for a special occasion, you can bet people will be commenting on it! We love headbands and we love the idea of bigger, brighter hair accessories, so shoot us an e-mail at topheavyheadbands@gmail.com if you're interested!

    We have conveniently displayed the headbands in three categories on the top of the page. We have Petite, Medium, and Top Heavy Headbands! If you feel like you need to add a little something to spice up you favorite outfit, try a Petite Headband! Maybe you're feeling a little more bold and want to stand out- the Medium Headband is right for you! But if you're wanting to make a fashion statement sure to catch everyones eye, the Top Heavy Headband is your key to a confident strut!

   If you already own a Top Heavy Headband, e-mail us a picture of you wearing it! We love to see our headbands in action!